Carport Overview

Carports can be designed to cover single or double rows, and cover one, two or three parking spaces (two, four or six for double row). Each carport is a modular design and so an entire system can be created to cover larger parking areas if desired. All carports have the option to be covered in solar panels, and so several designs are available to maximize the potential solar generation by facing the panels as close to south as possible. 




Single Row

The single row carport can be built so the highest part of the slope is at the front or back of the parking space, depending on the orientation of the parking lot


Double row, single slope

If the parking lot rows run east-west, or close to it, a single slope design may be best to face as many panels south as possible. 




Double row, double slope

For parking rows that run closer to north-south, a double pitch (or V-shaped) carport might be the best option. Snow loading will need to be taken into consideration.