Energy Management System (EMS)

SKY offers a proprietary EMS system as an optional upgrade to its renewable projects which eliminates the need for calculations and adjustments from the site owner for optimal renewable integration. Any system with an energy storage element can be used in a variety of ways to reduce a site’s electricity costs, and an EMS provides real time monitoring and automatic control to maximize savings/earnings.

A block diagram of the EMS is shown in below, where the EMS is split into two layers: Local EMS and Cloud EMS.

EMS Diagram.png

The Local EMS acquires data from all assigned assets and executes multi-objective real-time control strategies, which can include: the optimal dispatch of renewable energy, peak shaving/shifting, emergency power, and power quality management.

The Cloud EMS relies on machine learning algorithms and forecasting to optimize the setpoints generated by the Local EMS. The Cloud EMS is especially useful in applications such as peak shaving, where the demand trend can be predicted and combined with weather trends to generate the optimal dispatch of renewables/energy storage to minimize peak usage. The Cloud EMS also provides a visualization platform where system users can review, analyze, and plot system data to determine the impact of the EMS over time.

For Utilities

The EMS can also be a valuable tool for local utilities to manage distributed generation resources. In addition to providing standard support for peak shifting, the EMS provides advanced grid support features such as voltage/frequency regulation (via active and reactive power modulation), energy arbitrage and optimal power flow/dispatch.

The EMS can work in conjunction with override signals assigned from power system control rooms, where the signals may be in the form of specific instructions (explicit setpoints for active/reactive power in terms of Volt/Watt, Volt/VAR curves, target power factor) or general instructions (undervoltage, emergency disconnect). In either case, the signals received from the utility will override the local control strategy such that the EMS can provide dynamic support to the connected power system. 

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