EV Charging Benefits

There are several avenues of consideration for site owners interested in an EV charging installation. 


Entice customers to stay longer at your place of business while waiting for their vehicle to charge. Boost engagement from EV owners who may not have otherwise considered stopping by placing your location on a map of chargers in Ontario. An easy way to set yourself apart from the competition, showcasing your innovation and reduced environmental impact. 


Employees are typically at work for 8 hours, the ideal time for a full charge with a Level 2 charger. Those that live in multi-residence buildings, condos, or rent may not have the ability to install a home charging system- a workplace alternative is an attractive incentive. 

Company Fleet

Many businesses are considering the economical advantages of converting their vehicle fleets to electric vehicles. If you have a current EV fleet or are transitioning to one, a combined solar and charging solution will further enhance your green image, and provide an affordable and convenient charging method for your company cars. 

Power Security

An electric vehicle is essentially a mobile battery system. Installing a bi-directional EV charger gives site owners the option of discharging the car battery during a power failure to provide back-up power for critical operations.