Design Options

Types of charging stations

Level 1- The equivalent of plugging your vehicle into a 120V AC outlet at home, this can take up to 22 hours to fully charge a standard EV like the Nissan Leaf. 

Level 2- Provides 240V AC and allows for a range of charging speeds and a full charge for an empty battery takes approximately 8 hours. 

Level 3- Also known as a DC Fast Charger, these chargers provide 480V DC and can give an 80% charge in about 30 minutes. Bidirectional options allow regular charging as well as power export from the car to the grid to be used in emergency situations, or peak shaving and cost/efficiency maximization. 

Carport at Venture 13.png

SKY CUSTOmized designs

Depending on your needs, SKY offers several design options combining different technologies to fit your space, budget and requirements. 

Level 2 Charger and Carport

Level 2 Charger and Solar Carport

Level 2 Charger, Solar Carport, and Battery Storage

Level 3 Charger and Carport

Level 3 Charger and Solar Carport

Level 3 Charger, Solar Carport, and Battery Storage

Any of the Level 3 Charging options can be designed as a bidirectional charging system. This allows the vehicle to act as a battery storage system and send energy back to the grid at the owner's discretion- this can be used to offset electricity costs (charging the car when electricity prices are lowest and discharging during peak hours), or as an emergency power source to guarantee power security. 

You may also want to add a Level 2 charger to any Level 3 charging system to increase the options available to EV owners and service a wider range of vehicles. 

The SKY team can provide additional information and recommendations regarding these options.