Solar Opportunity

The SKY team has extensive experience with all types of solar power systems including offsetting building loads, back up generation or power purchase agreements with local utilities. SKY utilizes roof tied, flush mounted, ballasted or tracking racking systems as required and can arrange central or string inverters depending on cost and efficiency preferences. 

Rooftop PV 210 Silver Star.jpg

Rooftop Solar

Large, uncluttered roofs that are aligned to the south and free of shading are ideal for solar installations. SKY can design the system to reduce the building's electricity bill or provide emergency power depending on the owner's needs. 

Brattleboro Landfill Solar Farm.jpg

Ground Mount Solar

Flat, clear land away from water bodies is ideal for solar farms, although SKY has experience designing systems for many types of properties.

Solar Carport, Venture 13.jpeg

SOLar Carports

Carports can be single or double row, with one slope or two depending on the parking orientation. SKY can also combine solar elements with electric vehicle charging systems. 

Community Solar Farm, Xinjiang.png

Community Solar

Community solar is an array of panels installed at a local facility. Anyone in the community can purchase or subscribe to a share of the clean energy produced by the solar installation and get credits toward their electricity bills.

This is a great alternative for those renting, or for properties that might otherwise not be ideal for solar.

Turn An industrial or commercial rooftop, unused land or parking lot into an additional revenue stream